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15 Jun
21 May 2021
Service Provider Routing and Switching, Specialist (JNCIS-SP) Total Questions:354

JNCIS-SP- The Best path to follow for Career Fulfilment

JNCIS-SP aims to authenticate the knowledge of those networking professionals who possess the basic and intermediate level of knowledge in routing and switching implementation technologies in Junos. The candidates who qualify JNCIS-SP demonstrate deep insight of networking technology in general as well. JNCIS – SP takes you straight to the destination by verifying your knowledge and abilities of various domains required to be designated as service provider routing and switching.

JNCIS-SP Focused Domains

The domains focused by the JNCIS-SP in order to measure the abilities of candidates include border gateway protocol, intermediate system to intermediate system, Tunnels, high availability, layer 2 bridging and VLANs, multiprotocol label switching and MPLS VPNs, open shortest path first and spanning tree protocols.

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